Music to Move and Heal

When I’m not speaking or advocating, I’m doing music. It is my first love and my ministry to both myself and others.

I’ve spent decades cultivating a worship style that is both soothing and reflective, all with the hope that my music will both heal and move those who encounter it. It’s been my honor to share it across the country and on projects like Stephen Hurd’s “The Overflow” and “Times of Refreshing,” as well as on Grace Covenant Worship albums. My latest album, Alive, is available on all digital platforms.

A Compilation of Contemplations

Alive is my newest Christian contemporary album which I lovingly call a compilation of contemplations. Speaking to the cultural and social moment we’re in, these original songs were written first as personal contemplations and soon took on a life of their own when set to music. Streaming now on all digital platforms, Alive offers a balm of spiritual healing in a time when the world so desperately needs it.

Stay in Touch with Cece

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