Looking for a speaker that will educate, inspire and bring audiences to their feet (physically or virtually!)?

Cece Jones-Davis doesn’t disappoint.

An ordained minister, artist, speaker, and advocate, Cece has dedicated her life to pointing people to the ALL-powerful and the least-powerful.

Working at the intersections of faith, art and social justice, she is passionate about seeing God’s Kingdom come in the areas of racial healing, women and girls issues, and criminal justice reform.

As a criminal justice advocate, she established the Julius Jones Coalition and is the backbone of the Justice for Julius campaign, raising awareness about Julius Jones, who has been on Oklahoma’s death row for over 20 years. Cece is a 2021 Heartland Emmy Award Nominee for her work in co-hosting Painful History, Evolving Future on the KFOR news channel, was awarded the 2019 Phil Wahl Abolitionist of the Year Award by the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (OCADP), and recieved a Special Congressional Recognition for her efforts in civil rights and social justice.

She has also served as a brand ambassador for Tampax to help reduce the stigma of menstruation, particularly among women of color. Today, she continues to fight for equitable access to proper sanitation and menstrual products, while raising awareness of how girls’ and women’s wellbeing and advancement are harmed by the lack of access. Her work in menstrual advocacy has been featured in The Huffington Post, Essence.com, Self Magazine, Yahoo! Health, Teen Vogue and many more.

Tampax Radiant Brand Ambassador

Cece always says—none of us can do EVERYthing but all of us can do something about SOME thing.

Why Cece?

Cece is intuitive, authentic, and joyful in every aspect of her vocation. She’s entrenched in the tedious work of facilitating true healing and transformation. With her decades of experience and expertise, Cece not only inspires audiences across the country but also educates them on how to find their own unique intersections and the importance of leading with love. Individuals and groups who experience Cece walk away challenged, inspired, hopeful, and informed—a unique blend that sets Cece apart from other activists, preachers, and speakers.

What People are Saying…

“In a world full of either/or people, CeCe Jones-Davis is both/and. Bringing together the tenderness of pastoral wisdom with the fierceness of prophetic witness, CeCe’s gift is to navigate impossible intersections. She speaks the truth of the world as it is, but calls out the hope of the world as it can and must become… Nothing makes me more giddy than for people to experience CeCe do her thing for the first time—because 100% of the time, she is going to bring the house down.”

—Jonathan Martin, author, speaker, Pastor of The Table OKC

“100% of the time, she is going to bring the house down.”

“What sets Cece Jones Davis apart...is how God entrusts her.”

“What sets Cece Jones Davis apart from the many other wonderful Christ-followers ‘desiring to be used by God’ is how God entrusts her. It is truly something to behold. Her character and integrity has been tried and tested over and over, and she has been found faithful, even in great sacrifice. I have seen it with my own eyes. CeCe is entrusted with influence, authority, ministry, and public standing beyond her massive gifting, I believe, because she will not crumble under the weight. The foundation is firm. She offers her faithful ‘Yes’ to her King and Savior Jesus, to any end. This is true witness. This is something generations behind her are desperate to see and follow, and yet Christ will be the center of her story when it is told.”

—Marcy Priest Jackson, Worship Artist

Speaking Topics

What Do You Hate? How to Turn Anger into Advocacy that Changes the World

Hate is a strong word and, according to Cece Jones-Davis, it can be an even stronger motivator. Her own advocacy was sparked by outrage over the wrongs she saw all around her. Drawing from her decades of experience, Cece now encourages advocacy in every person she meets by asking one critical question: what do you hate?  

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to answer Cece’s critical question and find your own unique place in the world of advocacy
  • Why we can’t do everything but we can do something about some things
  • The key to moving past talking about issues and solving them instead
  • How your personal intersection of faith and justice can serve as fuel for the work

Christianity and Racism: Replacing a Faith that Harms with One that Heals

Cece Jones-Davis is no stranger to racism; she’s a veteran in anti-racism work where she leads, guides and teaches from a place of deep and undying hope for a better today, tomorrow and beyond. She invites her audience to live in the tension as she untangles all the ways in which racism manifests in our world today by taking a hard, clear-eyed look at our history. Those who experience her anti-racism teaching learn how to step into the process and own their responsibility in creating a more just and equitable world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The complicated history of Christianity; how racism began (and can end!) in the Church
  • The number one thing anyone can do to encourage racial healing
  • How to replace a faith that harms with one that heals

We Gotta Talk. Period. Celebrating and Breaking the Stigma Around Menstruation

In today’s world, we can get our groceries delivered straight to our door, make stock market investments from our phone, talk to someone across the ocean in realtime and yet, millions of girls and women throughout the United States still can’t access or don’t understand how to use the products they need to take care of a basic need—their period.

It’s time our girls and women got the tools and education they need to take care of themselves and THRIVE. It’s time we started celebrating the period. In this presentation, Cece Jones-Davis shines a spotlight on menstrual health and meets youth, families and individuals right where they are. With her trademark warmth and candor, Cece empowers audiences to celebrate and help break the stigma surrounding menstruation—at home and around the world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the menstrual cycle works and how to use menstrual hygiene products
  • How young women across the global have limited access to menstrual hygiene products and what you can do about it
  • Why menstrual advocacy is more important now than ever
  • The common myths and misconceptions about menstruation

Speaking Samples

We Gotta Talk. Period. Virtual Summit

On Advocacy

Waiting, Winning and Weeping

Living While We Wait (with Jen Hatmaker)

Defiant Hope: Addressing the Marginalization of Women and Girls and the Role of the Church

The Jesus Calling Podcast: Everyone is Worthy of God’s Love

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